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1. Name of the CA exam:
2. Name of the candidate
3. Student registration No
4. Subject:
5. Appearance in the CA exam::
a. Appeared in the paper for the first time
b. Appeared before
6. Give the question no. (including sub-parts) which was outside the syllabus/study materials:
7. Coverage of the topics
8. List the topics(limited to syllabus), in your opinion, were not covered:
9. Give the question number which was repeated from
  a. Past question papers of ICAI exams  
  b. Past question papers of any other professional exam
  c. Study materials
  d. Revisionary test papers
  e. Text books/reference books
10. Give the question number which contained any of the following:
  a. Printing/typographical errors ( spacing, formatting etc)
  b. Spelling/Grammatical/syntax errors
  c. Drafting errors(i..e not worded clearly)
  d. Incomplete
  e. Difficult to understand
  f. Incorrect terminology
  g. Technical inaccuracies
  j. You may elaborate on any of the above points, if you so wish, in the space provided below:
11. Give the question number where there was variation between the English and Hindi version in terms of    
  a. Content of the question
  b. Number of sub questions
  c. Marks allocated to the question
  d. Marks allocated to the sub-questions
12. Time required to complete the paper
13. Give the question number where the marks allocated was not commensurate with
  a. level of difficulty
  b. time taken to answer it
14. Whether the allocation of marks to various sections (for Law, Tax and Cost Accounting & FM papers only) was as per the syllabus:
15. Choice of questions provided
16. Level of difficulty of the compulsory question
17. Did the question paper require  
18. How would you rate the question paper:  
19. Indicate the question number(s) where there could be an alternative solution.
20. In your opinion, what marks would an average student with reasonable preparation secure in the paper?

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